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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) was created and founded by Marisa Peer,
a highly acclaimed English therapist. She has created this powerful method in her over 30 years of practice.  RTT has won numerous awards for its rapid effectiveness.


With Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), I use hypnosis to tap into your subconscious mind to find how, why, when, and where the root cause of your issue was formed. Then we work together to resolve it.

Your current condition or circumstance is the result of your responses to events. Your response and actions are a reflection of your defense mechanism

for survival (protecting  yourself from pain you felt or don't want to feel) which usually forms in childhood. 

We live roughly 70% of our lives in survival mode. That means we repeat the same scenarios over and over again. 95% of your actions and reactions are governed by your subconscious mind. They are automatic habits. Only 1 to 5% of your daily activities and behaviors are consciously managed.


Your underlying negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, people, and the world are the result of emotional unmet needs to highly emotional experiences

in your past.  

Your subconscious mind has been recording what you’ve thought, felt, and done since you were in your mother's womb.  Your subconscious mind holds

the blueprint of  your life. 

You are not consciously aware that you’re still holding on to old thoughts and beliefs which limit your potential to live in the life you desire and deserve.

My job, as your therapist, is to help you free from suffering those emotional unmet needs and emotional attachments and resolve those unhealthy issues. 


Habitual behaviors are hard to change because

– Marisa Peer –

Process Your Unresolved Emotions
Heal the Emotional Wounds 

Step 1

Human beings need to feel and acknowledge our emotions/feelings and process them through in the brain and the nervous system, so we can move forward refreshed.

Most of the chemical changes in your body are caused by your thoughts and beliefs. Suppressing and holding onto negative emotions/feelings can cause stressful conditions and you may possibly develop physical issues and diseases over time.

You MUST feel the feelings until they are no longer required to be felt. 

  Marisa Peer  –

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Let Go
Negative Thoughts and Beliefs

In RTT sessions, your subconscious mind takes you back to 3 scenes in your past.

Then you understand how, why, when, and where you acquired negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.


Once you understand them, you can easily

let go of them because the neural pathway in your brain that holds the negative emotions/beliefs/memories will change. Also your body chemistries and energy/psyche.

Step 2

Reframe Your Thoughts

After you let go of the negative feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs, you will replace all of them with positive ones.


I will fill your mind with words that help you see yourself and your life from a new perspective, with different angles which open your mind. You will see the truth about yourself and find new peace.

Lotus Flower

Step 3

Concentrated. Contemporary artwork. Silhouette of young man with neon drawings of brain in

Re-program Your Mind
Listen to a customized recording to embed empowering thought patterns and beliefs. 

Our brains and bodies are like computers. In fact, we are even more brilliant than computers. But sometimes we need to update and optimize our minds (our software).  

Your mind learns with repetition. When you repeat something, your mind becomes familiar with it.


We will make the unfamiliar familiar for you.
We'll make happy thoughts familiar and then they will define your world.

Step 4

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